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Preventative maintenance is an important part of your vehicle's care and life. If you follow your vehicle manufacturer's set guidelines for vehicle maintenance, you will increase the life of your vehicle. Certain checks need to be performed on your vehicle every so often to ensure your

car is functioning properly. View the Factory Scheduled Maintenance Sheet to determine if

your vehicle is due for a checkup.

Preventative Maintenance is Essential

Get a FREE tire rotation and safety inspection when you bring your vehicle in for ANY of our services.

  • Tune-ups

  • Oil change

  • Filter change

  • Alignments

  • Brake inspections

  • Tire rotations

  • And more

We Thoroughly Inspect Your Vehicle

Our automotive repair shop is equipped with all of the latest and state-of-the-art equipment to properly scan and diagnose your vehicle for you. Our ASE-certified technicians are trained to properly use these tools to identify any problems with your vehicle.


Whenever we find a problem with your car, we let you know about it right away. We believe in educating you about what is going on, and our team will only work on repairs that you want us to.


Give us a call today to get a FREE estimate.

We Use the Latest Diagnostic Equipment to Scan Your Vehicle

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